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Free Download DLC Boot 2020 to create USB Boot

Armaan Ali

Staff member
Jul 18, 2020

DLC Boot is similar to another famous boot creation utility, Hiren Boot. So far, there has been DLC Boot 2019 v3.6 version with a lot of features. In addition to trusted local technicians, this tool is also very popular in foreign forums.

What is DLC Boot?

DLC Boot is a versatile USB Boot creation tool that helps to save computers and laptops whenever they have unexpected problems. It supports standard Boot 2 BIOS UEFI and LEGACY format in FAT32 format. Not only that, this software also supports Mini Win, combines the feature of dividing regions but does not lose data.

DLC Boot 2019 v3.6 build 190411 is the latest version today, released on April 11, 2019 . The person who created this Boot tool was Tran Duy Linh, one of the veterans in the engineering village. Through many different versions DLCBoot has been upgraded with many extremely good Windows support features.

DLC Boot 2019 software is considered the best Hirenboot suite today, it is suitable for checking and fixing technical errors on computers and laptops. More than that, it's completely free, you can download and use without any worries.

The features that DLC Boot 2019 v3.6 supports
  • Disktools / Partition tools : Hard drive partitioning.
  • Backup / RestoreTool : Backup, restore or ghost your computer.
  • Driver : Tools to download and update drivers.
  • Recovery / Data Recovery : Function to recover mistakenly deleted / incorrectly formatted data.
  • Hardware Tools : Function to check hardware configuration information.
  • Office : Collection of office tools.
  • Antivirus : Synthesis of antivirus software.
  • System : The system software.
  • Ultilities : Extensions.
  • USB tools : USB tools .
  • Password : The feature to break or remove passwords on the computer.
  • Microsoft Crack : Active windows tools.
  • Other tools : Other tools.

New features of DLC Boot 2019:
  • Support to install Mini Windows 10 32Bit & 64Bit Anhdv includes (Editor, Music Player, Watch movies, USB 3.0, USB 3G, UEFI) which is built similar to Hiren's BootCD Mini Windows XP.
  • Have integrated Mini Windows XP extracted from Hiren's BootCD 15.2.
  • Add new external DOS tools.
Download DLC Boot 2019 v3.6 latest