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Snow Leopard

Staff member
Jul 27, 2020
Dear members,

We get very often the question:
How does I get a lot like from other members to unhide the Download Links:
Here is the Solution:

!!! It is forbidden to ask other members for like !!!

Here is some information to find some good stuff and post it correctly:

You have to add:
  1. Name of post & version
  2. Description of what you are posting
  3. Screenshots and Video Links
  4. Homepage (Demo) of what you are posting
  5. Hide the link with for your Download Source Link
  6. Change log for the Version (for updated posts)
There are thousand of Websites in the World Wide Web.

Everyone can find some Download sources, Scripts, Tutorials, How To or some other interesting stuff.

You can also write your own Tutorial, How To or Script and share it here.

You also just can add simply mirrors from existing download links to different (your) file Hosting.

So everyone is able to add some interesting stuff to get earn like.

Make sure nothing you post advertises another forum or site in the links or the image.
Not open for further replies.