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Armaan Ali

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Jul 18, 2020

The legend of HirenBoot in the late 21s and early 22s caused a stir among IT enthusiasts, and his rescue boot laid the foundation for the next generation but breakthroughs in technology.

Based on his structural building foundations today, many domestic and foreign brothers have developed innovative and reformed rescue boots to suit the flow of technology. The explosion of many new operating systems, including me, conthuongbome, has also learned from his seniors and brothers to develop many boot sets to serve and share for rescue emergencies,

Time has passed, trees have changed the conthuongbome leaves for a while, so because of the nature of the work, they have to temporarily put aside researching the boot versions. .Now because I am too passionate and passionate, I have also created a Multiboot Winpe set for me and shared with my brothers to serve many different needs.

About the improvements of the Boot-Usb-MultiWinPe-2020 Version 1:
• Integrate the latest Driver August 2020 on Times-Wlan-USB 3.0, NVME SSD
• Mount Partition hide thoroughly and can be used normally read and write
• Improved boot speed quickly
• 32bit WinPe versions can accept up to 128 Ram writes
• Tweak the layout of PE core components is neat and eye-catching
• Set Boot Drive (X) 64Bit up to 128 records
• WinPe can Boot to kernel EXFAT partition
• Support to create Boot quickly and simply for 2s
• New Pecmd code to serve PE kernel and many other things, etc ... you can examine break
* structural components of Nasiboot-USB-MultiWinPe Version 1
• Includes 14 32-bit version and 64-bit WinPE, Soft Apps and Driver

Link Dowload Multibooot beta