MediaFire Link Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 AIO (x86-x64) + Office 2019 Pro Plus Per-Active November 2020

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Armaan Ali

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Jul 18, 2020


took this CD from copies of Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC Arabic. only add some important programs and the Pro 2019 and neuro all updates at all until 19/11/2020

copies available Drum:

En the Windows 10 the Enterprise x86 - LTSC the

Windows En 10 LTSC the Enterprise x64 -the

Windows update

, the add all updates to UPS 19.11.2020 the


Office 2019 Pro , the Plus the

NET .NET Framework 3.5

NET Framework 4.8

DirectX Runtime 2010

WinRAR 5.91

Microsoft Visual C ++ 2008 Redistributable

Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010 Redistributable

Microsoft Visual C ++ 2012 Redistributable

Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0

Microsoft Visual C ++ 2013 Redistributable

Microsoft Visual C ++ 2015-20019 Redistributable

Google Chrome

Version: Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC

Type: AIO

Available languages: Arabic only

Activation: automatically activated

Release date: 19/11/2020

size of the cylinder cores: 7.94 GB

hash cylinder:
the CRC32: B53D97BD the
MD5: 062F526C02FDF4176C1061C19F0382B1 the
SHA-1: 156288902ACDE0ABBFE6D1362EFCD258BDAB09EB

for 64 - bit kernel: 6.03 GB

hash version:
The CRC32: 9DD80BBA the
MD5: ECF968C00E3EE3BDFFB7232AB48D377C the
SHA-1: 259E733B19911B51ECF8049579A7B3AC0BD1D689

Kernel 86 - bit: 3.99 GB

hash version:
the CRC32: 412DED7E the
MD5: AB8F4BB0D46E327263921153D0DB869B the
SHA-1: 0A1A2D6A394BDA7C886684D33E3E8208069C24D3 .