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MultiLinks-) avast! Premier Antivirus v18.8.2356 (Build 18.8.4084.0)

Bleed Nov 29, 2018

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  1. Bleed

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    avast! Premier Antivirus v18.8.2356 (Build 18.8.4084.0)

    Multilingual/Deutsch / inkl. License & Anleitung



    This top-class antivirus is not like any other.

    It blocks hacker attacks on webcams and prevents ransomware from the very beginning. Your PC, home network, and passwords are protected from zero-second threats with intelligent cloud-based discovery. Your apps are automatically updated and your data permanently destroyed as you wish. You certainly have not seen such protection.

    Keep spies and snoopers away from your webcam
    Can your webcam really be hijacked by hacker attacks? Yes - until now. Because of the webcam protection, before using your webcam, your consent must always be obtained so that nobody can look over your shoulder, unless you allow it. You can also disable your camera completely - and reactivate it if necessary. Now you could even perform a dance of joy - nobody would watch you doing that.

    Keep hostage takers away from your files.
    On average, hackers demand $ 643 from their ransomware victims. Ransomware protection protects your important files from encryption and hostage taking and allows files to be modified only by trusted apps.

    Update your apps to close security holes.
    The Automatic Software Updater keeps your apps and programs updated with the latest security patches and performance upgrades so that hackers can not abuse potential security holes in outdated versions. Safe and comfortable.

    There are no data left.
    Are you thinking about selling your PC or lending it to somebody? You'll be surprised how easy it is for others to recover your "deleted" files and data. The data shredder ensures that your personal photos, bank statements and other private documents are permanently destroyed.

    Größe: 296 MB
    Sprache: Multi/Deutsch
    Format: Exe
    Plattform: Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32 oder 64-Bit)
    Hoster: Share-Online, FileFactory, Oboom


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    10x a lot

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