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Direct Download Broken Age PC Game Free Download

Armaan Ali Feb 10, 2016

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  1. Armaan Ali

    Armaan Ali C.M Team King Staff Member


    Description :

    Broken Age is a point and click video game which is developed by Double Fine Productions. Broken Age PC game is about the adventures of two teenagers Vella and Shay. Vella has been selected by her villagers to be sacrificed to a monster in order to safe their village. On the other hand Shy is the only passenger of a spacecraft. Which is being constantly monitored by an extra conscious computer. Both Shay and Vella are feed up with the world they have grown up and want to escape in order to taste the real adventure of life.In this Broken Age PC Game characters can be controlled by the player and directed to move in a certain direction. The player can also talk to the non player characters in order to know more about the game. The players can also examine the objects spreading all around them. As mentioned above the game features two characters Vella and Shay both in different parts of the worlds and the player can switch between both the characters at any time in the game. Both the characters have no direct interaction throughout the game. The graphics of Broken Age PC Game are quite impressive and the sound track is also quite impressive which is composed by Peter McConnell.

    Features of Game :
    • Point and click video game.​
    • Two separate characters in the game.​
    • Can switch between both the characters at any time.​
    • Characters can be easily controlled by the players.​
    • Impressive graphics.​
    • Soothing sound tracks.​
    System Requirements of Game
    • Operating System: Windows XP/ Windows 7​
    • CPU: Pentium Dual Core 1.80GHz​
    • RAM: 2GB​
    • Hard Disk Space: 1.5GB of free space required.​
    Screenshots :




    Download Link :

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