Genius Scan+ PDF Scanner 4.5.0 !{Latest}


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Genius Scan+ PDF Scanner 4.5.0 !{Latest}

Genius Scan is your pocket scanner, which allows you to quickly scan documents at any time and place and save them in JPEG or PDF format (for multi-page documents).

Our scanning technologies include: intelligent page recognition, perspective correction and image optimization.

In addition to this, Genius Scan offers a set of effective tools for the systematization and secure export of documents.

The Genius Scan application is used to:
- Scan documents anywhere, especially when a normal scanner is not available.
- As a replacement for an expensive scanner, which is rarely used after purchase.
- Send employees of your company contracts and sales contracts to the head office immediately after they are signed.

The application allows you to:
- Accelerate the process of creating an expense report with the ability to create PDF documents and send them instantly to Expensify.

- Get rid of paper documents by saving electronic copies in the Dropbox archive.
- Quickly scan the printed form when a normal scanner is not available.
- Take a picture of the board during classes.
- Save handwritten notes and share them with colleagues.
- Save your favorite recipe after its preparation.
- Save handwritten reminders or book pages for later use.
- Share the menu of the restaurant you like on Twitter.

Main functions:
- The application recognizes the page borders, cuts it and corrects the perspective, so you do not need to make perfectly smooth pictures. Genius Scan will also remove all unnecessary images from the background.
- Improves the clarity of the document by further processing the document in black and white or color mode.
- Sends scans by e-mail as JPEG or PDF files.
- Creates PDF documents when scanning multiple pages.
- Organizes your documents with the help of names, tags and the possibility of an effective search.
- Export documents to Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Expensify, Facebook, Google Drive, OneDrive, OneNote, FTP, SugarSync, Twitter, WebDAV and other applications.
- Print your documents
- Documents are processed on your device, without transferring to third-party servers.

What's new:

- <br> we added beautiful transition animations for Between screens
- you CAN now! Just export documents to Dropbox and the Google Drive Directly from Genius the Scan +
- <br> we added support for Right-the To-of Left device configurations
- the volume key CAN the BE Used to trigger the camera
- <br> we fixed a bug affecting backups on Android 9
OS: Android ™ 4.4 and up
Language: Russian / multilingual
Status: hacked
Download : Genius Scan + PDF Scanner 4.5.0 (12.9 MB)[/HIDE]
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