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Direct Download Hotspot Shield Business VPN Proxy & Wi-Fi Security 6.0.0 (Android)

Armaan Ali Jul 4, 2018

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  1. Armaan Ali

    Armaan Ali C.M Team King Staff Member


    Hotspot Shield Business VPN Proxy & Wi-Fi Security 6.0.0

    Hotspot Shield VPN protects your web sessions by providing secure connections to home or public networks. By protecting personal data, it ensures that all online transactions will pass through the secure HTTPS protocol.

    Hotspot Shield creates a virtual private network (VPN) between your device and the Internet gateway service. This impenetrable tunnel prevents attempts by cybercriminals, hackers and providers to spy on your activities while browsing the Internet, exchanging online messages, downloading files, entering credit card information or transferring any other data to the network.

    Main features:
    - Have you blocked access to YouTube or Facebook at school or at work? When using the Hotspot Shield VPN application, you can unlock YouTube, Facebook or any other sites from anywhere in the world.
    - By creating an encrypted tunnel between your device and the Hotspot Shield servers, the VPN client allows you to browse the web anonymously without being tracked or espionage.
    - The VPN client allows you to protect your IP address so you can anonymously visit websites and prevent hackers and spammers from monitoring your online activities.
    - Protect yourself from spyware and hackers when using public WiFi networks in hotels, airports and offices with a WiFi security feature.
    - Protect your data, purchases in online stores and personal information on the network with HTTPS encryption.
    - Protect your devices from malicious attacks.


    - Sped up the loading process on app launch
    - Improved the Help section
    - UI, bug, and crash fixes

    Released: 2018
    Platform: Android 4.1+
    Language: Multi | Russian
    Root: required
    License: cured
    Size: 7 Mb
    Hidden Content:
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