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InPixio Eclipse HDR PRO 1.3.500.524

InPixio Eclipse HDR PRO 1.3.500.524 {Latest} 2020

Eclipse HDR PRO – Create professional photos with advanced HDR editing. Eclipse HDR Pro will return you control over your photos. There has never been a faster or easier way to create professional HDR images. With full control of lighting and exposure, you can achieve a new level of creativity with your RAW and HDR projects.

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HDR ToneMapping Engine ™
• Easily overexposure your images without compromising detail and color.
• Eclipse HDR provides real-time, full-resolution tone mapping. No halo, no color shift, only balanced and natural looking HDR images.
• You can see the results in the image on the left.

RAW image processing
• Eclipse HDR comes with a complete RAW and image processing module that optimizes RAW images.
• Precise editing of color, brightness and saturation in certain areas of your photos with a wide selection of curves. You can completely convert colors in your images without branding or artifacts.
• Eclipse HDR Pro supports over 600 cameras.

50+ impressive features for all your HDR editing needs
• Custom presets. Batch mode and RAW processing.
• Advanced Tonemapping Management. Color equalizer. Ultra wide chromatic scale.

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Over 40 creative presets
• Eclipse HDR is ready to use with a wide range of effects and HDR styles for the game!

From the natural to the surreal!
• Eclipse HDR does both — you can correct and enhance your photos while maintaining a natural, realistic look. Or you can go crazy and create stunning surreal effects that turn your photos into works of art.

HDR ReLight
• Turn on (or turn off) the lights where you want them in your photo!
• HDR ReLight automatically detects ambient light sources in your photos and allows you to edit white balance, temperature, hue and intensity to get a stunning effect.
• Switch daytime to nighttime or completely change the color of the lighting. You can even use this feature to create studio-quality images with basic lighting settings.

HDR DeNoise
• Removing noise can sometimes mean lost parts, but not with Eclipse HDR.
• This powerful function processes multiple RAW or JPEG files to correct noise and grain in photographs without excessive smoothing or artifacts.
• Now you can admire every detail of your evening and night shots.

HDR for all your needs
• Eclipse HDR has already established itself as one of the best and most versatile HDR tools available today. This easy-to-use software is ideal for enhancing all kinds of photographs, including landscape, interior, panorama, architecture and real estate.

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7 – x64

Download :
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