Radar Detector PRO 2.1.19 !{Lastest} 2018


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Radar Detector PRO 2.1.19 !{Lastest} 2018

Application "Radar Detector" for detecting speed cameras on the road (mobile ambushes, static cameras, cameras built into traffic lights), speed bumps, bad roads and other hazards. All countries of the world are supported!

Smarter and easier
The database of cameras grows day by day for more than 150 countries (100,000 current road hazards around the world), thanks to the participation of users of this application

. Map mode.
• Maps have support for viewing 3d buildings (tilting the map with two fingers from the top down), and the function "Rotate the map while driving" (included in the settings).
• You can obtain new databases of hazards at any time by updating the databases.
• The principle of operation of the application differs from the hardware radar detector.
• The hardware radar detector is a passive receiver that does not muffle the signal to which it is tuned, but simply notifies the driver of the presence of radars radiating in the field of action.
• This application works differently, it uses a database of threats detected earlier by other users. For example, if the application reported a mobile ambush, it means that there may be a mobile ambush in this place.

Some of the distinguishing features of the application:
• The application uses GPS to detect hazards.
• Supports two display modes: "CARD" or "RADAR"
mode (does not require Internet) • In RADAR mode, mirror support for projecting to the windshield
• The application can work in the background (with the screen off) in conjunction with other navigation applications. To do this, simply turn on the voice notification in the settings, turn off the function "If you show danger on the map" and start the radar.
• Users themselves add hazards to the common database.
• In case of danger, the user can determine the hazard rating, indicating whether there was a real threat or not.
• If you have an Internet connection, you will be able to monitor traffic jams.
• The application will report with a sound and show the danger on the map, its type and the distance to danger.

What's new:

• New design

OS: Android ™ 4.0 and up
Language: English / Russian / multilingual

Download : Radar Detector PRO 2.1.19 (8.3 MB)
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