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Rising Internet Security Personal {Latest} 2018

ArmaanPC Jun 10, 2018

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  1. ArmaanPC

    ArmaanPC C.M Team King Staff Member


    Rising Internet Security Personal {Latest} 2018

    We continue to struggle with the impure, and therefore, consider another antivirus, previously not presented on the resource.

    This software product will already be 100 years in the afternoon, and during this period he managed to change the type of license, i.e. from paid went into the category of free.

    Rising Internet Security Personal – a whole software package, protect you not only from viruses, but from all Internet hreni. It’s like putting on not only a booklet, but a bucket on your head, the maximum that can be done is to knock on it with all the consequences. And suddenly there will be a ghost. I caught an analogy, I hope.

    What do we see after the launch of this product? Heh, no, first we’ll see a little lion cub (I think so) in the lower right corner of the screen,

    which will later sit there on top of all the windows. How do the Chinese like these pribludy. You can pull it by the paw, as in the image. If he gets bored, you can hide it completely.


    Next, there will be a window where on the main screen it will be possible to contemplate the statistics of detected at once and the Internet activity of the system, namely, what processes and how fast Internet traffic is consumed. If you click on the process of interest, you can view its connection type and IP address.

    Since this is also an antivirus, that is, a virus scan section. There you will see standard categories for such purposes, there is no sense to describe them.

    Further interesting. There is a point of Defense where you can enable / disable the necessary / unnecessary functions.

    Here you can choose between file protection, Internet protection, URL filter, email monitoring, etc. You can come here and look, and at the same time and choose what you need.

    License: Freeware
    Language: Chinese + English
    Size: 47.3 MB
    OS: Windows XP – 10
    Hidden Content:
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  2. Antony Gerden

    Antony Gerden Registered User


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