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CmTeamPK VIP Windows 8.1 32Bit Pro Super Lite UnTouched Ghost [Full Softs + driver] (1GB) By CmTeamPK

Armaan Ali Mar 23, 2016

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  1. Armaan Ali

    Armaan Ali C.M Team King Staff Member
    • 1055/350



    Ghost Windows 8.1 Pro Super Lite [32bit update 3]


    - The software is the latest update to the posting date (04/03/2015)
    - Made from Version 8.1 Update 3 Pro x86 Windows (I also have tried shortened Win, but if you do not specialize will cause more errors, the best comes from the pro lite)
    - Microsoft Office 2003
    - The software has been ......
    - already installed .NET Framework 3.5 (many people ask this)

    The soft installed:

    • Microsoft Office 2003
    • Fully installed Vietnamese fonts
    • unikey
    • Ccleaner
    • USB Disk Security
    • ... And another one a few soft
    • The software has been cracked and the latest update to date 03/04/2015
    • Net Framework 3.5 installed
    [​IMG] 1 GB

    Ingredients were omitted:

    1. The non-Latin font
    2. All languages except EN-US
    3. Printer and scanner driver (can reset)
    4. All except the Metro App Store & Internet Explorer
    5. Direct Play
    6. Hyper-V
    7. Printing - LPR and LPD
    8. Simple Network Management Protocol
    9. Simple TCP
    10. TIFF iFilter
    11. Telnet
    12. Trivial File Transfer Protocol
    13. Windows Defender
    14. Windows Media Player
    15. XPS Viewer & Printer
    16. Accessibility
    17. Anytime Upgrade
    18. Auto Play
    19. Disk Space Cleaner
    20. Help and Support
    21. Input Method Editor
    22. Natural Languages
    23. Recovery Drive Creator
    24. Sound Recorder
    25. Spell Checking
    26. Steps Recorder
    27. tablet PC
    28. Windows Easy Transfer
    29. Windows Recovery Environment
    30. Windows Mail
    31. WordPad
    32. Zip
    33. Speech
    34. Remote Desktop
    35. Windows Optical Character Recognition
    36. Windows PlayTo
    37. BitLocker Drive Encryption
    38. BranchCache
    39. File History
    40. Offline Files
    41. Quality Windows Audio Video Experience
    42. Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel
    43. Windows Error Reporting
    44. Windows Indexing
    Author: Armaan Ali,Syed Talha Zameer


    If Your Want To Download This
    Your Have To Become VIP Member

    You're Guest, you don't have permission to view CmTeamPk link. Please Register or Login to view this link.

    You're Guest, you don't have permission to view CmTeamPk link. Please Register or Login to view this link.

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  2. Syed Talha Zameer

    Syed Talha Zameer C.M Team King Staff Member
    • 95/105

    Superb Post
  3. mastermagdyfawzy

    mastermagdyfawzy Registered User
    • 10/18

    thank you very much download
  4. sabbir9985

    sabbir9985 Registered User
    • 10/18

    great share buddy
  5. zahid235

    zahid235 Registered User
    • 10/18

  6. mekbal

    mekbal Registered User
    • 10/18

  7. 3MS-Mahmoud

    3MS-Mahmoud Registered User
    • 30/35

    Thanks man
  8. hhhh111

    hhhh111 Registered User
    • 5/18

  9. nubie666

    nubie666 Registered User
    • 15/18

    nice share, someday i will try be VIP :D

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