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Format: ISO (2 DVD 5)
Size: 4.28 Gigas (Dvd 1) | 3.92 Gigas (Dvd 2)
Update: October 2014
Author: Eldi
Activation: Included

About the Program;
Windows 8.1

Updates Updates
They consist of bug fixes and improvements under the hood, with one notable exception. After downloading and installing the GA cumulative package An update, the article states that Internet Explorer 11 obtains an application pre-view bar, which is a small black bar at the bottom of the browser, that also feature three small points, and not like Windows Phone. It is also similar to the application bars that it will offer in many of the pre-installed Windows 8.1 applications, including the new mail application.
Update 1 news
What's new in Update 1 is that if you have a computer without any touch input on the screen, the operating system will start by default in the classic desktop. It also includes a shutdown button that will appear on the home screen for PCs that do not have a touch screen, and also be accompanied by a search button that will appear regardless of the hardware where we have installed the operating system. Another important change is the option to show the applications "Metro" in the taskbar.
Terms to Understand about versions
RTM: means Release to Manufacturing / Marketing (ready to be used in general, sell it, pirate it, manipulate it, distribute it, update it, etc.)
GDR: means General Distribution Release (which is the RTM to which security patches, updates and some other things have been added later).
So the current GDR brings improvements in the handling of the battery, in the APPL of Win8, home screen, audio and video playback and driver compatibility (among others).
VL: Volume Licensing, Does Not Require Serial for Installation
Rollup: Name that Microsoft has given to these updates, this update has been officially released with the name "GA Rollup A" and is considered an update of the update 8.1
Pre-Installed Programs (Eldi Versions):
WMC: Includes Windows media center
.NET 3.5
Klite Codec Pack 10.8.3
Songr 2
Ccleaner 4.19
VLC 2.1.5.
Start8 1.45
HashTab 5.1
Winrar 5.11
Deflager 2.18
Adblock Plus 1.2
Java 8 update 25
Flash Player 15
7zip 9.34
Uncleaner 1.7
VC ++ Redistribution 1.6.0
Mozilla Firefox 34
Shockwave 12.1
Paint.NET 4.0.3
Notepad ++ 6.6.9
Google Chrome 38
Skype 6.22
Imgburn 2.5
Office 2013 SP1 (Office versions)


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