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Program Version:
Online Update: 4.18
Official Website: Nelegal-Edition
Channel: Youtube
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Disk Editor: Rajab Programming
Interface Language: Ru, En.
Treatment: not required

System requirements:
: 1 GHz or higher
RAM capacity : 512 MB
Monitor: resolution 1024x768 or more

Program description:
Windows Install All or WInstAll for short - A program for pre-setting and automatic installation of Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 operating systems, with the introduction of its OEM information, driver installation and installation of pre-selected programs. In WInstAll, you can integrate your images of operating systems in the wim, esd, swm format in unlimited quantities, it is desirable to use original images, the correct installation is not guaranteed on assemblies. When installing Windows 7, drivers for USB 3.0 are installed. The program can add your own scripts (batch file) that will work when you first log into the system installed OS.
Spoiler: Installation
1 - Download the archive with the program, unzip it to any folder (the path to the program should not contain spaces and Cyrillic!).
2 - Create the Drivers folder in the root of any drive, download the
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program into it (the path to the program should be, for example, F: \ Drivers \ SDI_64.exe).
3 - Create the Minstall folder in the root of any disk, download the Minst program into it (the path to the program should be, for example, F: \ Minstall \ Minst.exe).
4 - Create the WimEsd folder in the root of any drive , from the Windows distribution package, unzip the Install.wim file located in the Sources folder .The path to the unpacked file should turn out for example F: \ WimEsd \ Windows_10_x64.wim. Or add the ISO file to the same folder.
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This is a separate program from the author of Rajab. Disk editor. To install Windows, you need to decide on which drive you want to install the OS. (if you have multiple drives). You need to delete all boot and system partitions, leave only partitions with data. Select free disk space and click next. The program will create new system and boot partitions and Windows will be installed on these partitions.
The second option is simpler. You need to determine on which partition the OS is installed, select this section and click next. The disk editor will format this section and the installation of the new OS will be performed on it.

!!!ATTENTION!!!You perform all operations with disks at your own risk and peril, the author is not responsible for the data you deleted. Before working with disks, backup your data!
Spoiler: The fifth page of the program.

My script button
- Opens a window with the contents of the MeScript.txt file located in the Setup folder. You can write your own commands or paths to launch tweaks or settings files here. When you close the window, the data will be saved. The script will automatically work the first time a user logs on to the system. In order for the script to work when the system boots up, you need to click the "My script" button and close the window.
Attention! The "My script" button and the scale with "copying auto-install files" will not be available when choosing a manual installation of Windows.
Reboot the computer after installation - If you select this function, the computer will reboot 10 seconds after you finish copying Windows files and creating a boot disk.
Install Windows Button- Starts the OS installation and will gradually display the installation progress. The lower scale displays the overall progress of all operations.
Attention! The "Create a recovery disk" scale will be inactive if the Windows image does not contain recovery files, or if for some reason a recovery partition has not been created.

The entire installation process of Windows is much faster than a standard installation, when choosing an automatic installation and selecting all components, WinstAll will install Windows, configure, install drivers and programs without user intervention. After installing and setting up the OS, the computer should be rebooted and you can fully use the freshly installed operating system!

The list of changes is in the updater.


Screenshots may differ from the latest version of the program.
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