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Direct Download WinRAR 5.50 / 5.60 Beta 4 Latest 2018

Armaan Ali May 18, 2018

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  1. Armaan Ali

    Armaan Ali C.M Team King Staff Member


    WinRAR 5.50 / 5.60 Beta 4 Latest 2018

    Just. Most. Popular. Archiver. In the world. Everyone knows it, everyone used it. In the network often there are reviews, they say, who needs a paid WinRAR, when there is a free 7-zip? Convenience, guys.

    7-zip, of course, is good, but WinRAR is a classic. He was and, I'm sure, will be Archiver # 1 for a long time. This is a vivid example of how good software should be. Naturally,

    WinRAR supports unpacking of all modern archive formats, but it can only be packaged in zip and its own format rar. Has a simple and intuitive interface that can be changed with hundreds of different themes. I will not go into technical details - they can be found from the official information.

    General information:

    Type: x86 / x64 installation; unpacking portable by PortableAppZ
    Languages: Russian, english, українська
    Activation: CORE


    1. It is possible to pick up the settings during installation.
    You can get your Settings.reg file by running the program and using the command Options> Export settings to a file;

    2. Tired of the standard interface? Please: uncompress your themes in the folder WinRAR5PREFS \ Themes.
    The structure will be something like this:
    WinRAR5PREFS \ Themes \ Title of the theme \ bmp files, ico and others.

    3. Change the styles / localization with RarLng.dll?
    Her place in the folder WinRAR5PREFS;

    4. You are the owner of the licensed version or want to admire your name in
    the "About ..." window? Please, file RarReg.key in the folder WinRAR5PREFS.
    During installation, it will be automatically copied to the program folder.

    Command line options:

    Silent installation of the Russian version: / S / IRU
    Silent installation of the English version: / S / IEN
    Quiet installation of the Ukrainian version: / S / IUA
    Unpacking the Russian portable version: / S / PRU
    Unpacking the English portable version: / S / PEN
    Unpacking the Ukrainian portable version: / S / PUA
    The choice of the installation location: / D = PATH

    The parameter / D = PATH should be specified as the latest
    For example: WinRAR.v5.50.exe / S / IR / D = C: \ MyProgram
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    MALIK SHAFQAT AWAN Registered User

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