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CMTeamPK Member
Dec 31, 2020

Logosys 6.12 Playout Software Full Carck (Switcher Also) By ArmaanPC {Latest} 2020
Logosys Playout 6.12 Build 0209.0941 Full Unlimited....

Playout Features :

Logosys Playout Software has the most advanced features compared to anyother playout. WE HAVE INDIA'S MOST ADVANCE SOFTWARE FOR NEWS CHANNEL PLAYOUT AND GRAPHICS OVERLAY AUTOMATION
  • Easy interface understandable by any kind of technical or non-technical person.
  • Robust architecture gives ease to 24/7 operations.
  • Multiple Platforms ( Youtube, Facebook and etc., ) streaming from single playout (No third Party Softwares Required)
  • Built-in codecs (No dependency on third party codecs)
  • Stream multicast UDP directly to your QAM Modulator
  • Support all kind of Streaming Protocols (RTMP, RTSP, UDP, FMLE and etc.,)
  • Copy and Paste youtube URL to Your Playlist and play directly without downloading
  • Wireless LIVE Broadcasting made easy - without any decoders take live RTMP url to playlist directly
  • Auto ON/OFF of Logo and CG overlay
  • CG Features:
    • GPU based graphic overlay engine for smooth and stable operation.
    • Layer Alpha range from 0 to 100 % (0 to 255).
    • Dynamic, Cyclic and Static CG Schedules Playlist
    • Autopilot option for automated playback of cyclic CG play list.
    • Template based CG for user friendly operation
    • Internal and External keying support

  • Multi-Layer overlay technology for unlimited graphic designs:
    • Text Layer.
    • Image Layer.
    • Crawl Layer
    • Scroll Layer.
    • GIF Animation Layer
    • Flash (*.swf with Alpha Channel) Layer
    • TGA/PNG Sequence Layer
    • Shapes Layer
    • Image Banner (Slide Show) Layer
    • Analog Clock Layer
    • Digital CLock Layer
    • Web Browser Layer
    • ChromaKey Features :
      • Live Chroma Keying with smooth edge filter..
      • Video file or Still Image support on the Chroma Keying background.
      • Customizable Chroma Masking
      • Audio delay adjuster as per video source for best lip sync.
      • Real time Chroma Keying on a pre recorded video file for News
      • Seamless switching between Live Camera and video files
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Note : Its Paid version Not free

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Logosys 6.12 Playout Software Full Carck (Switcher Also) By ArmaanPC {Latest} 2020