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Direct Download...!!! WinBorg 7


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Oct 31, 2020

What is WinBorg 7?

WinBorg 7 is designed to fix Windows 7 and make the Windows 7 experience as best as possible. If you boot this DVD and start setup, it will install the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 updated to the month of release and more. It's designed so you can start setup, and install straight away without messing around with the mass storage drivers and such. Well, anyways, WinBorg 7 includes the latest and best NVMe/USB 3.x drivers, fully automated 100% definitely legit activation, the ability to update WinBorg 7 beyond January 2020 via good old ESU and without being harassed to "upgrade" to Windows 10 because your hardware is apparently "incompatible", the latest Visual C++/Basic, DirectX, and .NET Framework runtimes as of the month of release, and more. And all of it fits on a good old 4.7 GB DVD. Pretty neat, isn't it? Burn or write WinBorg 7 onto a DVD/USB drive, and enjoy!

The WinBorg series of Windows XP/7 OS mods was originally created by BartOfBorg (still alive, just has moved on from WinBorg.), sometime around 2004 or 2005. Development was then picked up on by soporific in August 2006, and then after a 3-year long development hiatus since January 2017, continued by 57331 in September 2020, with permission by soporific.

How to install WinBorg 7?

If you are planning to install this from a DVD, then burn WinBorg 7 onto one. Alcohol 120% is recommended to do such, download link - . Otherwise, for USB drives, write WinBorg 7 onto one. About 4GB of free space is required, Rufus is recommended to do such, download it from . After that, start your computer from the DVD/USB drive, and you should boot into a Windows PE recovery environment with software to diagnose and fix any problems with your computer. Double-click on "WinBorg 7 Setup" once you are ready to start setup, and then proceed to install WinBorg 7 as you would normally would install Windows 7. At the end of the installation, when you enter your desktop for the first time, you should have an open Notepad window. Open it and read on there for more useful information!

Regarding drivers, a copy of the latest version of DriverPack Solution Offline with the latest and best networking drivers as of the month of release is included in the Goodies folder on your desktop, open "DriverPack.exe" within the folder and then proceed to install the networking and the rest of the drivers, simple as that.

Also, I cannot emphasize this enough as well, but holy fucking shit, remember to backup and move your files over to your new WinBorg 7 installation, especially focusing on the AppData folder, and your documents, music, videos, warez, downloads, torrents, application settings, and your 500GB+ homework folder full of- Oh yeah, right. lol.


: What is this? What does this do?
Answer: Read above.

Question: Is this genuine/legit/valid?
Answer: Technically, yes. Realistically, well yes, but actually no, but whatever, as I couldn't honestly care any less, lol.

Question: Is there a WPI/ssWPI included?
Answer: Nope, sorry. The reason why is due to time and space concerns. For the replacement, I have included a list of recommended apps and the download links to it (both free and warez.) in the Goodies folder on the WinBorg 7 desktop.

Question: I need help, S.O.S.
Answer: Try asking here, and remember to be as convincing and nice as possible, as otherwise then you won't most likely get any help at all. As Luke 6:31 from the good old bible says, "And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.".

Question: What happened to soporific? I thought he was still leading the WinBorg project?
Answer: "Development was then picked up on by soporific in August 2006, and then after a 3-year long development hiatus since January 2017, continued by 57331 in September 2020, with permission by soporific.". soporific is now currently helping 57331 with the WinBorg project here, so yeah. Proof:

Question: WinBorg 10 when?
Answer: Soon. WinBorg 10 release date so far: TBD. A new version of WinBorg XP, 98 SE, and WfW 3.11/NT 3.51 is also planned as well, after WinBorg 10.

Known Issues -

- Running the Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool in the Windows PE recovery environment and then closing it may cause a PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA BSOD.
- Setup can randomly fail at playing Russian Roulette and shit itself, causing setup to fail, around the 70% mark of it "getting files ready for installation" during the first phase.

The Changelog -

January 2021 - initial release and reboot of WinBorg 7 and the WinBorg project overall. Too many major and minor changes to document them all.

Showcase Video -


Download -

CRC32: FC8C1F13.
MD5: 201B7CC6BF0C0B6A92B6894D159ABD06.
SHA-1: D6A5B53A2DB1CC9851FB6D3F8A93F78FDD91F32E.

Special Thanks -

Many special thanks to soporific for continuing the WinBorg project and personally helping me on this release by beta testing it and giving me feedback and advice, BartOfBorg for originally creating the WinBorg project, and Glenn/ReturnOfNights for his many LastOS releases and the LastOS/ssTek technology in particular.
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