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Presenter On-Air Interface
In the fast-paced environment of an on-air studio, speed and accuracy are of the essence. That's why every feature of the presenter interface is designed to be as easy and quick-to-action as possible. Its intuitive layout has virtually no learning curve and is optimized for touchscreen use. Best of all, its modular design allows the talent to customize their workspace to fit their needs and provide instant access to their library, playlists, and more.
Vast Playout Options
Each DAD workstation comes with up to 16 playback modules, multi-channel audio outputs, and enough processing power to run them all simultaneously. Real-time log changes in any studio are instantaneously reflected in all other studios: no need to reload the current hour or day's log. The included PADapult utility can handle live and scheduled RDS and metadata output for each playlist automatically. Whether you're playing out localized playlists in different markets, scheduling separate advertisements on your terrestrial and web streams, or running multiple independent stations, DAD comes shipped with everything needed to make it happen.
Comprehensive Automation
DAD doesn't just manage automated playout, it controls every aspect of your operation, from ingest to scheduling to reporting.


Powerful Library & Asset Management
At the core of DAD Radio Automation is a full-featured media asset manager. Store all your audio assets in customizable and quick-searchable groups. Scrollable lists allow you to view all your content instantaneously. Drag and drop between the library module and any other module within DAD for ultimate ease-of-use. Advanced metadata fields allow for additional sorting options within the DAD library and between scheduling and logging applications. Share content across multiple sites and keep redundant copies of your database and assets with the included Gateway utility
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Very nice interface, can I ask if this software already cracked or have a licensed? Thanks!

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