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    Direct Hiren's BootCD Custom v2020 (MBR-UEFI) - Rescue Boot WIN10PE X64

    Bao Minh Technology shares Hiren's BootCD rescue boot tool set which is customized in accordance with current technology supporting 2 standards of MBR and UEFI. Integrated basic rescue tools help you to rescue, backup, restore, remove viruses ... Image of Hiren's BootCD Custom v2020 boot...
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    Free Download USBBoot_Backup-Restore v2021- Windows recovery boot toolkit

    Bao Minh Technology shares the technical brother of the Boot toolkit to support backup and recovery for Windows This toolkit is built on a Ventoy platform that supports Big Sur's boot theme. The boot set is open source based on Ventoy platform so you can customize the themes or add or remove...
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    Direct Share multi-function USB Boot image including DLCboot and Anhdvboot

    Features of Image UBS Boot BM-Multi USB Boot This is a versatile USB boot that supports Legacy and UEFI standards with 2 partitions 1 partition containing boot files and 1 Data partition containing ISO boot versions or ISO Windows, Linux ... Designed based on Ventoy (creating a fatty USB Boot)...
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    Multi Links Parted Magic 2020.12.25 Bootable ISO - Disk manager on Linux

    Parted Magic 2020.12.25 Bootable ISO - Disk manager on Linux Parted Magic 2020 is an emergency boot disk for hard drive troubleshooting (HDD) on Linux systems, allowing you to perform a variety of operations on partitions and supporting a large number of file systems. The Linux-based...
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