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Jul 18, 2020

Ventoy for Windows & Linux version 1.0.31 Portable + LiveCD
Ventoy is an open-source tool to create a bootable USB drive for ISO files. With ventoy, the user does not need to format the disk again, and again, a user just needs to copy the iso file to the USB drive and boot it. Users can copy many iso files at a time, and Ventoy will give him a boot menu to select them.

Ventoy is a new software application for Windows and Linux that does things a bit differently. Instead of extracting an ISO image, it allows the user to place/copy the actual ISO images on the USB device so that the user may boot from them directly. The program supports multiple ISO images that the user can place on a USB device and uses GRUB as the boot manager.

Users can transfer multiple ISO images to the device once the Ventoy structure has been created on the device using an installer. It is possible to place Windows and Linux images on the device to boot from them whenever the need arises. Updating of ISO images is a breeze, as well as the user simply replace an ISO image with another.

Both Legacy BIOS and UEFI are supported in the same way. 200+ ISO files are tested (List). A "Ventoy Compatible" concept is introduced by ventoy, which can help to support any ISO file.

How to use:
Installation is pretty straightforward on Windows. Simply extract the application archive and select a USB device using the device selector at the top and hit the Install button to start the process. Ventoy formats the entire disk and erase all content on it but warns about it. The application creates a FAT and an exFAT partition on the device. Once the initial installation has been done, place ISO images on the partition. Ventoy will pick these up automatically when the user boots it to provide him with a selection menu. Just select the operating system to boot and wait for the boot process to complete.

1. Insert an empty USB stick;
2. Extract and start Ventoy;
3. Select the correct drive and click to install;
4. There is a query whether the content should also be deleted and a second afterward for security;
5. If the message appears that everything has been installed correctly, the ISO can be copied directly into the new partition created in File Explorer;
6. Enjoy!

NOTE: The full path of the ISO file (directories, subdirectories, and file name) should NOT contain any spaces or non-ASCII characters.

Spoiler: Key features:
  • 100% Open source;
  • Simple to use;
  • Fast (limited only by the speed of copying iso file);
  • Directly boot from ISO file, no extraction needed;
  • Legacy BIOS and UEFI supported in the same way;
  • UEFI Secure Boot supported;
  • Persistence supported;
  • MBR and GPT partition style supported;
  • WIM files direct boot supported;
  • Auto installation supported;
  • ISO files larger than 4GB supported;
  • Native boot menu style for Legacy BIOS and UEFI;
  • Most operating systems supported, hundreds of ISO files tested;
  • Supports booting from ISO and also complete OS installation process;
  • Treeview mode supported for organizing ISO files in subfolders;
  • "Ventoy Compatible" concept;
  • Plugin Framework;
  • Readonly from USB drive during boot;
  • Normal USB use not affected;
  • Data nondestructive during version upgrade;
  • No need to update Ventoy when a new distro is released.

What is new in version 1.0.31 (Released on December 23, 2020):
  • Fix a bug in Ventoy2Disk.exe for 2TB+ disk;
  • Fix a bug when use workaround for Legacy BIOS access limitation;
  • Fix a bug about source media missing when boot rhel 8.3/CentOS 8.3;
  • Rebuild some x86_64 binraries with musl-libc to avoid virus false positive;
  • Change default label from ventoy to Ventoy in;
  • New iso support (total 580+):
  • blackarch-linux-full-2020.12.01-x86_64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
  • anarchy-1.3.1-x86_64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
  • austrumi64-4.3.3.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
  • austrumi-3.4.7.iso (Legacy).

What is new in version 1.0.30 (Released on December 12, 2020):
  • Add experimental support for IA32 UEFI (ia32-efi);
  • Add experimental support for ARM64 UEFI (aarch64-efi);
  • Expand dual mode option to multi-mode option;
  • Add a simple Password plugin;
  • Fix a bug in Ventoy2Disk.exe for 2TB+ disk (issue #614);
  • Keep the Secure Boot Support option when update Ventoy (issue #630);
  • Add class property for submenu of Ventoy UEFI Utilities;
  • New iso support (total 580+);
  • TrueNAS-12.0-RELEASE.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
  • primeos_mainline_0.4.5.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
  • avira-rescue-system.iso (Legacy + UEFI).
What is new in version 1.0.29 (Released on November 19, 2020):
  • Image file name now can contain space and unicode characters(Chinese/Japanese/Korean ...);
  • Add Driver Update Disk (DUD) plugin;
  • Skip Ventoy EFI part when searching for bootx64.efi (issue #592);
  • Display a warning message when booting a non-bootable WIM file;
  • Add -l command in to display Ventoy information in disk.
What is new in version 1.0.27 (Released on October 31, 2020):
  • New Boot Conf Replace Plugin to dynamically modify the boot options in configuration file;
  • Add an menu to enter Text Mode in F5 Tools ==> Screen Display Mode;
  • Fix issue #555 (treeview mode VTOY_DEFAULT_IMAGE ineffective in special case);
  • vtoyboot-1.0.4 release;
  • New ISO support:
    • 2020-02-12-rpd-x86-buster.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • FreeBSD-12.1-RELEASE-amd64-bootonly.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • FreeBSD-12.2-RELEASE-i386-bootonly.iso (Legacy).
What is new in version 1.0.26 (Released on October 24, 2020):
  • Support dual mode plugin options;
  • Display a warning message if syntax error detected in ventoy.json;
  • Use the original order from image list plugin (if exist) in boot menu;
  • vtoyboot-1.0.3 release;
  • Optimization for the tip message in
What is new in version 1.0.25 (Released on October 21, 2020):
  • Add image list plugin. Notes;
  • Optimization for Linux vDisk boot in Legacy BIOS mode. vtoyboot-1.0.1 release Notes;
  • Support different themes for Legacy BIOS mode and UEFI mode. Notes;
  • Fix bug for VTOY_DEFAULT_IMAGE in TreeView mode when VTOY_DEFAULT_SEARCH_ROOT was set;
  • New iso support:
    • kali-linux-2020.3-installer-amd64.iso (Legacy + UEFI).
What is new in version 1.0.24 (Released on October 17, 2020):
  • Disable "Pass parameter by ACPI table" feature introduced in 1.0.23 by default. It's not compatible with Windows 7/8 and will cause error;
  • Fix apt mirror bug when install Debian series distros;
  • New iso support:
    • debian-10.6.0-amd64-DVD-1.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • debian-10.6.0-amd64-netinst.iso (Legacy + UEFI).
What is new in version 1.0.23 (Released on October 16, 2020):
  • Make VTOY_DEFAULT_IMAGE avaliable in both ListView mode and TreeView mode;
  • Add VTOY_TREE_VIEW_MENU_STYLE option in global control plugin;
  • Change the default resolution to 1024x768;
  • Pass ventoy runtime parameter to OS by ACPI table;
  • Fix issue #521 (blackarch 2020.06.01 boot fail);
  • Fix issue #516 (archlinux 2020.10.01 boot fail in UEFI mode);
  • Fix issue #512 (file with name .iso);
  • Fix Parabola EFI booting (PR #508);
  • Fix a bug when booting VentoyLiveCD iso;
  • New iso support:
    • blackarch-linux-live-2020.06.01-x86_64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • archlinux-2020.10.01-x86_64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • GeckoLinux_STATIC_Mate.x86_64-152.200726.0.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • fossapup64-9.5.iso (Legacy + UEFI).
What is new in version 1.0.22 (Released on September 27, 2020):
  • Add Linux vDisk boot plugin (install linux distro into a vhd/vdi/raw file and boot with Ventoy);
  • Change the check policy when Ventoy is running on a partition which is not created by Ventoy2Disk;
  • Add disk signature to Ventoy os parameter structure;
  • Fix bugs in for install Ventoy on NVMe disk;
  • Fix a bug with error message null src bitmap in grub_video_bitmap_create_scaled;
  • Add VTOY_SORT_CASE_SENSITIVE in global control plugin;
  • Optimization for boot Manjaro series distros;
    New iso support:
    • mAid_v2020-09-15_11-40_x86_64_forgetful.iso (Legacy + UEFI).
What is new in version 1.0.20 (Released on August 30, 2020):
  • Fixed a bug about booting Debian i386 netinstall.iso
  • Change the default directory and file permissions in linux tarball issue #392
  • New image support:
    • easy-2.3.2-amd64.img (Legacy + UEFI)
    • volumio-2.799-2020-07-16-x86.img (Legacy + UEFI);
    • Lakka-Generic.x86_64-2.3.2.img (Legacy + UEFI);
    • LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-9.2.3.img (Legacy + UEFI);
    • freedombox-stable-free_buster_all-amd64.img (Legacy + UEFI);
    • paldo-live-x86_64-stable.img (Legacy + UEFI);
    • ubos_yellow_x86_64-pc_20200817-001259.img (Legacy + UEFI);
    • recalbox-x86_64.img (Legacy + UEFI);
    • batocera-5.26-x86_64-20200527.img (Legacy + UEFI);
    • memtest86-usb.img (UEFI).
  • New iso support (total 550+):
    • wifislax-4-12-final.iso (Legacy);
    • MidnightBSD-1.2--amd64-uefi-disc1.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • MidnightBSD-1.2--i386-disc1.iso (Legacy);
    • HP SPP P03093_001_spp-Gen8.1-SPPGen81.4.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • HP SPP P26940_001_spp-2020.03.0-SPP2020030.2020_0319.22.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • hardenedbsd-12-stable-amd64-disc1.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • rescurezilla- (Legacy + UEFI);
    • garuda-xfce-lite-200726-linux-zen.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • debian-edu-10.5.0-amd64-netinst.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • minimal_linux_live_15-Dec-2019_64-bit_mixed.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • nethserver-7.8.2003-x86_64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • osgeolive-13.0-amd64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • pardus_topluluk_4.2_9.10.2018_xfce_64bit.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • Pinguy_OS_18.04.2_Full-LTS_x86-64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • debian-9.9.0-amd64-netinst-Elastix.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • aryalinux-gnome-2.4-x86_64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • efw_community-x64_3.3.0_recovery_softwarex86-64_20181026164637.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • hamara-sugam-live-2.1-final-amd64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • Rocks Cluster kernel-7.0-0.x86_64.disk1.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • MorpheusArch_2018.4-2018.4-x86_64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • smeserver-9.2-x86_64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • apodio12-beta0.4.1.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • lin-comm-server-2019.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • PeachOSI.Patriot. (Legacy + UEFI);
    • photon-minimal-3.0-a383732.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • plamo-6.2_x86_64_dvd.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • SuperX_5.0_Lamarr_build416_amd64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • Bicom serverware-3.3.0.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • ploplinux-19.4-x86_64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • lliurex-servidor_64bits_19_latest.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • omarine-7.0-dvd.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • freespire-6.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • DietPi_NativePC-UEFI-x86_64-Buster.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • boss-8.0-amd64-DVD-301019.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • Pisilinux-2.1.2-Mehmetcik-UEFI_KDE_x86_64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • t2-minimal-glibc-gcc-x86-64-r49128.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • blackPantherOS-v18.1SE-x86_64-Renegade-DVD.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • pld-new-rescue-th2018-1.6-64bit.iso (Legacy);
    • clonos-19.09-release.iso (Legacy);
    • Vine65-DVD-x86_64.iso (Legacy);
    • Vine65-DVD-i686.iso (Legacy);
    • Vine63-CD-x86_64.iso (Legacy);
    • kolibri.iso (Legacy);
    • Omoikane dvdboot.iso (Legacy);
    • redorescue-2.0.4.iso (Legacy);
    • Secure-K OS live-image-amd64.iso (Legacy);
    • slackellive64-openbox-7.3.iso (Legacy);
    • dragora-3.0-x86_64-beta1-live.iso (Legacy);
    • Express-3.1-SP4-i586.iso (Legacy);
    • Express-3.1-SP4-x86_64.iso (Legacy);
    • lunar-1.7.0-x86_64.iso (Legacy);
    • lunar-1.7.0-i686.iso (Legacy);
    • TENS-3.0.0_public.iso (Legacy);
    • rancheros.iso (Legacy);
    • smgl-test-quinq-x86_64-20090608.iso (Legacy);
    • alpine-standard-3.12.0-x86_64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • alpine-standard-3.12.0-x86.iso (Legacy);
    • alpine-extended-3.12.0-x86.iso (Legacy);
    • Webconverger-e43e9c8b34bc8aac292762556b1b847e70516f52.iso (Legacy).
What is new in version 1.0.19 (Released on August 14, 2020):
  • Experimental support for booting IMG file (only two Linux distros supported now);
  • Boot menu over serial supported, see Notes;
  • Optimization for booting Solus distro;
  • Optimization for booting .efi file;
  • Fixed a bug about booting Debian-10.5.0;
  • Fixed a bug about install Ventoy to a 2TB+ disk, issue #387;
  • New image support:
    • easy-2.3.2-amd64.img (Legacy + UEFI);
    • volumio-2.799-2020-07-16-x86.img (Legacy + UEFI);
  • New iso support:
    • deepin-live-system-2.0-amd64.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
    • Endless OS eos-eos3.8-amd64-amd64.200706-185259.base.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
    • Endless OS eos-eos3.7-amd64-amd64.200210-201928.base.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
    • PhoenixOSInstaller_v3.6.1.564_x64.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
    • PhoenixOSInstaller-v1.6.1.319-x86.iso (Legacy)
    • SteamOSDVD.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
    • hyperbola-milky-way-v0.3.1-dual.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
    • debian-10.5.0-amd64-xfce-CD-1.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
    • vyos-1.3-rolling-202008112114-amd64.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
    • FuryBSD-12.1-XFCE-2020042001.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
    • EasyNAS.x86_64-1.0.0_Beta_5.install.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
    • supergamer_v6.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
    • Live-Raizo-v11.20.06.28p.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
    • OPNsense-20.7-OpenSSL-dvd-amd64.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
    • swiftlinux-19.2-x64-TaylorSwift-2020-0812-061403.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
    • RebeccaBlackOS_amd64.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
    • RebeccaBlackOS_i386.iso (Legacy)
    • daphile-20.08-x86_64.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
    • crux-3.5.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
    • UCS_4.4-1-amd64.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
    • UfficiozeroMantova2.0.1.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
What is new in version 1.0.18 (Released on August 01, 2020):
  • Support some unix distros: FreeBSD pfSense GhostBSD FreeNAS XigmaNAS;
  • Optimization for booting Tails distro
  • Ignore the 0xEF partition type when checking local version
  • New iso support (total 450+):
    • GhostBSD-20.04.1.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • FreeNAS-11.3-U4.1.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • FreeNAS-11.2-U8.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • XigmaNAS-x64-LiveCD- (Legacy + UEFI);
    • pfSense-CE-2.5.0-DEVELOPMENT-amd64-latest.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • pfSense-CE-2.4.5-RELEASE-p1-amd64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • pfSense-CE-2.3.5-RELEASE-amd64.iso (Legacy);
    • pfSense-CE-2.3.4-RELEASE-amd64.iso (Legacy);
    • pfSense-CE-2.3.5-RELEASE-i386.iso (Legacy);
    • FreeBSD-13.0-CURRENT-amd64-20200730-r363681-disc1.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • FreeBSD-12.1-RELEASE-amd64-dvd1.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • FreeBSD-12.0-RELEASE-amd64-dvd1.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • FreeBSD-12.1-RELEASE-i386-disc1.iso (Legacy);
    • FreeBSD-12.0-RELEASE-i386-dvd1.iso (Legacy);
    • FreeBSD-11.4-RELEASE-amd64-disc1.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • FreeBSD-11.3-RELEASE-amd64-disc1.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • FreeBSD-11.2-RELEASE-amd64-dvd1.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • FreeBSD-11.1-RELEASE-amd64-bootonly.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • FreeBSD-11.0-RELEASE-amd64-dvd1.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • FreeBSD-11.4-RELEASE-i386-disc1.iso (Legacy);
    • FreeBSD-11.2-RELEASE-i386-bootonly.iso (Legacy);
    • FreeBSD-11.1-RELEASE-i386-bootonly.iso (Legacy);
    • FreeBSD-11.0-RELEASE-i386-dvd1.iso (Legacy);
    • FreeBSD-10.3-RELEASE-amd64-disc1.iso (Legacy);
    • FreeBSD-10.1-RELEASE-amd64-dvd1.iso (Legacy);
    • FreeBSD-10.1-RELEASE-i386-dvd1.iso (Legacy);
    • FreeBSD-10.0-RELEASE-amd64-disc1.iso (Legacy);
    • FreeBSD-9.3-RELEASE-amd64-dvd1.iso (Legacy);
    • FreeBSD-9.3-RELEASE-i386-dvd1.iso.iso (Legacy).
What is new in version 1.0.17 (Released on July 26, 2020):
This release just fixed two bugs that affect basic functionality:
  • Fixed a bug about injection plugin in GPT partition style or MBR style with reserved space;
  • Fixed a bug about update operation in GPT partition style.
What is new in version 1.0.16 (Released on July 24, 2020):
  • Add injection plugin, see Notes;
  • Add menu extension plugin, you can define your own grub2 menu now, see Notes;
  • Fixed a bug about booting Qubes in UEFI mode;
  • List all the drive letters belong to the disk in Ventoy2Disk's device combox;
  • Add an example of ventoy.json and theme in the install package;
  • Add a DistroWatch support list in the website. See DistroWatch Support List;
  • New iso support (total 420+):
    • CDL2018_x64_v2_last.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • AcademiX_2.5-stable_64bit.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • anarchy-1.2.1-x86_64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • DuZeru dz4.1-amd64.efi-mbr.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • openmediavault_5.3.9-amd64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • ubuntu_pack-18.04-gnome_classic-amd64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • BigLinux-20.04-beta-23.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • exegnu64_beowulf-20200707.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • kanotix64-silverfire-nightly-KDE.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • debian-amd64-netinst-3cx.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • grml64-full_2020.06.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • karoshi-server-v13.0.0-amd64.iso (Legacy);
    • PrimTux5-Lubuntu-18.04-amd64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • ArchStrike-minimal-2019.06.08.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • caelinux2018.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • refracta10_xfce_amd64-20200620_1845.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • parabola-openrc-lxde-2020.01.18-dual.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • cucumber-linux-1.1-x86_64-full.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • Fatdog64-810.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • ForLExCD_v_3_0_0.iso (Legacy);
    • Hanthana-30-1.0.x86_64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • kwort-4.3.4.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • minino-queiles-64.iso (Legacy);
    • nst-32-11992.x86_64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • Redcore.Linux.Hardened.2004.KDE.amd64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • runtu-lite-20.04-amd64_202006.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • Asianux-7.0-beta2-x86_64-dvddisc-201506150930.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • Clu-Linux-Live-v6.0-BIOS-UEFI.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • uruk-gnu-linux-3.0-2020-6-alpha-1.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • Zorin-OS-15.2-Core-64-bit.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • B2D-Desktop-2019-buster-v1.0.6-gcin.amd64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • BlueOnyx-5210R-CentOS-8.2.2004-20200624.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • finnix-120.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • hamonikr-sun-3.0-amd64-20200423.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • LinHES_R8.6.1.iso (Legacy);
    • linuxconsole.2019-x86_64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • namib-mate-1901_x86_64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • NEXT-BEE-free-20.04-2020-05-31.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • ngfw-untangle-15.1.0-amd64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • Pearl-Desktop-9_2020-04-14_amd64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • SELKS-6.0-desktop.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • SharkLinux-4.15.0-102.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • SpringdaleLinux-7.8-x86_64-netinst.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • SNG7-FPBX-64bit-2002-2.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • TS-6.2.4-Installer-0220.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • turnkey-django-16.0-buster-amd64.iso (Legacy);
    • tuxtrans_1804_d.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • zevenet-ce_v5.11-amd64-v1.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • solydx_10_64_202007.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • rescatux-0.73.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • zentyal-6.2-development-amd64.iso (Legacy + UEFI).
What is new in version 1.0.15 (Released on July 09, 2020):
  • Add GPT partition style support, see Notes. For comparison between MBR and GPT see Notes;
  • Add a Refresh button in Ventoy2Disk.exe;
  • Add a Clear Ventoy option in Ventoy2Disk.exe;
  • Add dir option in menu_class plugin, see Notes;
  • Add dir option in menu_alias plugin, see Notes;
  • Add autosel option in auto_install plugin, see Notes;
  • Add autosel option in persistence plugin, see Notes;
  • Change the property of Ventoy2Disk.exe, now it's NOT always topmost;
  • Fixed a bug when boot Windows/WinPE/Wim in UEFI mode with another active CDROM or USB-CDROM;
  • Optimization and bug fix for booting Parted Magic;
  • Optimization for booting Debian series distros;
  • Fixed a bug when boot.wim is in LZMS compression format;
  • New iso suppori;
  • elive_3.0.0_stable_hybrid.iso (Legacy);
  • Pardus-19.1-XFCE-amd64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
  • debian-10.4.0-amd64-netinst.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
  • CDlinux- (Legacy).
What is new in version 1.0.14 (Released on June 26, 2020):
  • When install Ventoy you can reserve some disk space;
  • New feature to boot .efi file directly in UEFI mode. (for cases like firmware upgrade, hardware diagnosis ...);
  • Auto skip Press any key to boot from CD or DVD... prompt when booting Windows/WinPE ISO files (Legacy + UEFI);
  • Add Menu Class plugin to show icon in boot menu;
  • Add VTOY_MENU_TIMEOUT and VTOY_DEFAULT_IMAGE options in global control plugin;
  • Add fonts option in theme plugin to load customized font;
  • Fixed a bug about repository group missing with RHEL6;
  • Add Search and boot Grub4dos option in F4 Localboot menu;
  • New iso support (total 300+);
  • guix-system-install-1.0.0.x86_64-linux.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
  • systemrescuecd-amd64-6.1.5.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
  • adelie-live-x86_64-1.0-rc1-20200202.iso (Legacy);
  • adelie-full-x86_64-1.0-rc1-20200202.iso (Legacy);
  • OviOS_Linux_3.02_20190821.iso (Legacy).
What is new in version 1.0.13 (Released on June 14, 2020):
  • Add support for N in 1 type of Windows/WinPE ISO files;
  • Add menu alias plugin to set an alias name for the ISO file, see Notes;
  • Add display_mode option in theme plugin, see Notes (issue #166);
  • Add F4 localboot menu to boot OS in local disk;
  • Add F5 debug menu to check the plugin json configuration(theme,persistence,autoinstall...) and for other debug option;
  • Add a workaround for Legacy BIOS access limitation, see Notes;
  • Optimization for UEFI boot process (for No bootfile found for UEFI error);
  • Optimization for Sergei Strelec's WinPE (external tools available);
  • Optimization for boot process of archlinux and distros based on it (eg. archbang/Archman/acrhlab...);
  • Optimization for boot process of Fedora;
  • Fix a bug about auto install and persistence configuration when VTOY_DEFAULT_SEARCH_ROOT is set;
  • Fix a bug about halt function in F2 power menu;
  • Fix a bug about F2 & F3 menu nesting;
  • Fix a bug about boot Kaspersky krd.iso;
  • Fix a bug about boot distros based on rhel7/CentOS7 with a kickstart cfg;
  • Fix a iPXE build error with GCC 10 (issue #201);
  • Change the EFI partition label to VTOYEFI (issue #175);
  • New iso support:
    • Windows10x86x64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • WinPE10_8_Sergei_Strelec_x86_x64_2019.12.28_English.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • Porteus-Kiosk-5.0.0-x86_64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • clear-33300-live-desktop.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • Calculate Linux cldx-20-x86_64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • Mageia-7.1-Live-Xfce-x86_64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • linuxmint-20-cinnamon-64bit-beta.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • foxclone40-02.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • Fedora-Workstation-Live-x86_64-32-1.6.iso (Legacy + UEFI).
What is new in version 1.0.12 (Released on May 30, 2020):
  • Add a new feature to directly boot wim files see Notes;
  • auto installation plugin update Notes;
  • Expand the configuration, now you can specify more than one auto-installation scripts for one ISO file;
  • Add a prompt for the iso with auto installation config, you can choose whether to use the auto-installation script and which one to use for this time;
  • persistence plugin update Notes;
  • Expand the configuration, now you can specify more than one persistence backend image files for one ISO file;
  • Add a prompt for the iso with persistence config, you can choose whether to use the persistence image and which one to use for this time;
  • Change the 1st partition active and 2nd partition inactive by default (compatibility improvement);
  • Move the position of the red Memdisk tip to a more prominent position;
  • Add a return parent directory item when in TreeView mode;
  • Add a VTOY_DEFAULT_SEARCH_ROOT option in global control plugin to specify the root path of the iso files;
  • Change the style of F2 power menu;
  • Fix a bug about Ventoy2Disk.exe can't start when there is a DataRAM Ramdisk in the system;
  • Files with size less than 32KB will be filted by default;
  • Fix a bug about wrong file size in TreeView mode with NTFS/XFS;
  • Files with space or Non-Ascii characters in a name will be shown but with unsupported message when you boot it;
  • Optimization for;
  • Optimization for arch Linux boot;
  • New iso support:
    • android-x86_64-9.0-r2.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
    • manjaro-xfce-20.0.1-200511-linux56.iso (Legacy + UEFI).
What is new in version 1.0.11 (Released on May 23, 2020):
  • Add a new feature for persistence support, Ubuntu/MX/LinuxMint/elementary ... see Notes;
  • Add a global control plugin, see Notes;
  • Optimization for blocklist process in Ext2/Ext3/Ext4;
  • Optimization for;
  • New iso support: tails-amd64-4.6.iso (Legacy + UEFI).
What is new in version 1.0.10 (Released on May 16, 2020):
  • Add new filesystem type support for the first partition (exfat/ntfs/udf/xfs/ext2/ext3/ext4) see Notes;
  • User can reformat the 1st partition with these filesystems after install or update Ventoy;
  • Fixed a memory map bug introduced from the beginning of the version;
  • Fixed a bug for booting HBCD_PE (Hirens boot CD) in Legacy BIOS mode;
  • Fixed a bug for booting AcronisTrueImage in Legacy BIOS mode;
  • New iso support;
  • EasyU_v3.5.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
  • USM.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
  • ipfire-2.25.x86_64-full-core144.iso (Legacy + UEFI).
What is new in version 1.0.09 (Released on May 10, 2020):
  • Add multi-language framework for Ventoy2Disk.exe (In addition to German, Polish, Portuguese and Turkish are also supported);
  • Add a new feature for auto-installation (Windows/RHEL/CentOS/Debian/SUSE series supported), see Notes;
  • Add an option for Secure Boot in Ventoy2Disk.exe/, and the default is not checked.;
  • Fixed bug for eset_sysrescue_live_enu.iso;
  • Optimization process for CentOS7/ArchLinux and distros based on them;
  • New iso support;
  • Archlabs-2020.03.02-beta.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
  • GoboLinux-017_beta-x86_64.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
  • ZStack-x86_64-DVD-3.8.4-c76.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
  • Porteus-CINNAMON-v4.0-x86_64.iso (Legacy);
  • NuTyX_x86_64-JWM-20200504.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
  • Pentoo-full-amd64-hardened-2019.1.iso (Legacy + UEFI);
  • Robolinux64-cinnamon-v10.9.iso (Legacy);
  • Firmware-10.3.0-amd64-netinst.iso (Legacy).
What is new in version 1.0.08 (Released on April 30, 2020):
  • Add F1 hotkey for Memdisk mode;
  • Add F2 hotkey for Reboot/Halt;
  • Add F3 hotkey for TreeView mode;
  • Skip directory and subdirectory enumation by put a flag file .ventoyignore;
  • Optimzation process for ubuntu/deepin/uos/kylin/Manjaro/CentOS7/Fedora;
  • Specical process for some USB drive.

System requirements:
OS: Microsoft Windows® and Linux.




Virus free! 100% clean!
All credits go to ventoy, who made and shared the tool with us!

File: ventoy-1.0.31-linux.tar.gz

MD5: 95C1C774D17F1F1A7B09042C7B6D70C3
SHA1: 8F7FC1A2E5876CAA3BF593E393B9742235776583
SHA256: D255E6A1D190C193DDD010CDC49D496E9DA972891C0F5D3AB3D3F647970D1835

MD5: 9A9EB2DF7CCA948768DBD89F62F112F4
SHA1: 5E7B5E48AFF53136A56BCFB39E69F44A3E47475D
SHA256: CEEEE0EF5E9854E3FC0B0D1B5146525A1CF7B25DB9542E00C5394A981180072C

File: ventoy-1.0.31-livecd.iso
MD5: C41A4C687BCAB01D47FDE95B71AB77D6
SHA1: 6323FD1F5C3E7FE5D51B6A5119B62C43931E5C69
SHA256: 86F8AAEBE3505AE05D705886EB473F38F45134ADB60F2F74322F7576D560CB10


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